Monday, 19 October 2009

Recruitment drive

East Surrey Creative Writing Workshop are looking for new members. We welcome people from all over the community, providing you're over 18 and love writing.

We meet every two weeks, at a local pub in Reigate. We already have a good range of ages and, although we have more women than men, men are very much welcome!

We're a friendly lot who have a really good laugh and enjoy reading others' work, giving constructive feedback and hearing others' thoughts on their own work.

Read on to find out what we get up to on a typical meeting...

We set exercises every two weeks: we have a week to write our version of the exercise and then send each other our writing. Everyone then has one week to consider everyone else's submissions, giving us time to take in the writing.

Then, when we meet, we have a drink, settle down and then someone brave nominates him or herself to go first. We submit our crits and then move on to the next person.

Exercises are wide ranging: we've done fiction, non-fiction, articles and poetry. We've experimented with writing for adults and children, with themes ranging from nature to ghost stories.

We've also had author Rosemary Furber come to visit us to give us a talk about her experiences as a freelance journalist and author of children's book WYSIWYG and the much more adult, 'The Most Intimate Place'.

So, if you've got this far and you would like to join, give Tannice a call on 07981969693 or email

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